Presented as part of Play, Protection and Peril curated by Liz Asche. ( June 1 - August 25, 2019)

Artists & Activists Address the Role of Guns in Our Culture
H-SPACE, 1932 9 1/2th Street NW, Washington DC 20001
(Between 9th St NW and Vermont Ave NW, an alley off U St. NW)
New Summer Hours: Wednesday-Friday, 4-7pm. Saturday, 12-6pm. Sunday, 1-5pm.


As we are faced with mass shootings and intense acts of violence, we know something has to change. We all feel the need to protect ourselves, our loved ones and ultimately our way of life, but at what cost. We are faced with a difficult dilemma, how to find common ground in a country where we have a constitutional right to carry and we continue to glamorize gun culture. If we cannot agree that assault rifles, bump stocks and silencers should be banned, we will never be safe from harm.
This body of work was partially inspired by a song “Safe From Harm” by Massive Attack. The songs lyrics, which are included in some of the work, poetically conveys the feeling of protecting something you love while living in a stimulating and paranoid environment.