My Process

My best commission work relies on the collaboration with the audience.  It is important to understand how I paint.  I am able to use layers of imagery to build meaning behind one or multiple images. 

As a screen printer, photographer and designer, I am able to use a collection of images to build a composition to represent a feeling, strategy, sense of place or meaning.  The images and screens are my paint brush - much like a hands-on live form of photoshop.  An image can be a photograph, symbol, document, logo, map, diagram, tool, text or any other image that is representational.  In other words, anything visual.  It can be abstract or literal.


2.  Build Color


Then, I begin overlaying the images in color to begin the composition.  Images used in the background, help to build meaning to piece without dominating the message.

3.  Refine Composition


Then images are used in the top layer - generally in bolder or darker colors to direct the audiences attention and formalize the composition and meaning.