Lafayette Elementary Schools

Commissioned by DC DGS.


To create a multidimensional art installation that encompasses the broad history of the school, faculty, students and surrounding area - along with a strong, representational image of General Lafayette. As Lafayette Elementary is a high-achieving incentive school, the artwork would be engaging, educational and sophisticated with its content while being urban and contemporary in its execution and choice of materials. I have provided solid and complete concepts - that acknowledge and will encourage the participation of the community in its completion. 

The installation will resemble a scene on the quad of a collage campus. A scene where posters and signage are layered on walls and columns adding vibrant color and presenting new ideas and opportunities to students. Standing in front of the mural scene will be an life size, abstract 2d statue of Lafayette standing in a confident, but inviting pose. The statue would be executed digitiall on to wood with laser cut sections and UV printed areas. This will also help to represent the print and digital environment in which student learn today.