Bancroft Elementary School

Mount Pleasant, DC

1100 Sq. Ft

Commissioned by DC DGS.


To visual represent and celebrate Bancroft Elementary’s location within the historic neighborhood of Mount Pleasant. Inspired by the diverse and vibrant Mount Pleasant street itself. Text and imagery would feel much luck the signage and store fronts that exist or did exist on the street. 

Bancroft Elementary School - A school in a village 

Using a combination photography, vintage imagery, symbols, maps and text of Bancroft school’s architecture, academics and community in a vibrant mural created with combination of color blocking, hand rendered texture and original screen prints applied directly to the wall. The mural would be created with original photography and historic information provided by the school or historic association and DC library. 

On the right side wall adjacent to the stairs, Bancroft Elementary School / A School in a Village would be type set and set against a color block, textured background n vibrant colors. The color scheme and blocking would carry over to the second wall leading down the stairs. The wall would be filled with in a collage of images of the school, students, action scenes, text combined with iconic imagery of the neighborhood. The text could appear in both spainish and english. 

The combination of wall paint, texture techniques and screenprinting would allow the mural to feel vibrant and contemporary with a nostalgic feel which compliments both the history and the present.